is for Video Syncs Face-to-Face Quick Chats Connection

Free up your calendar and make time for easy, fun, face-to-face collaboration.

What is atmydesk?

A platform for enabling coworkers to connect via video during specified atmydesk hours. By scheduling these times for collaboration, the tool helps build a more productive, connected, and personal workplace.

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How does atmydesk work?

Let people know when you’re free to sync.

Set time on your calendar

Pick the hours you are free for others to join on your work calendar. There is no integration needed for atmydesk.

You can also set time directly from atmydesk.

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See when others are available for quick syncs in atmydesk

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Available means ready to chat

Start a chat to ask a quick question or to say hello.

Call instead of ping

Non-disruptive, virtual desk chats are a quick way to catch up on projects, troubleshoot issues, or just to say hi.

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What magic happens when you use atmydesk

  • Connect with coworkers

    Not every sync needs to be formal. Drop in to meet someone new, ask that quick question, or just to say hi are all great ways to build camaraderie and connect with coworkers.

  • Maintain sanity in your day

    Consolidate all those messages and meetings throughout the day into one time block where people are welcome to disrupt you.

    Ease into a deep flow state guilt free during non atmydesk times.

  • Feel powerfully productive

    Have a 2 minute question? Ask it in exactly 2 minutes during someone’s atmydesk time.

    Say goodbye to unnecessarily long and redundant meetings or lengthy text chats just to convey a simple point or get help with a short problem.

  • Promote the Flow

    Encourage employees to invite disruption during an a dedicated time window, leaving them free to devote their full attention to meaningful work during other times of the workday.

  • Let Good Times Roll

    Not seeing coworkers in person and not feeling connected rank as top concerns for employees.

    Companies can rebuild office culture by encouraging people to connect in an unstructured format. No need to go back in person.

  • Snag Top Talent

    82% of workers report they believe remote-forward offices are here to stay.

    Offering options for employees to work remotely is becoming a mandate to securing the best talent.

Make remote work personal

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"It made me enjoy work again"
Jeff Small, Senior iOS Engineer
One Medical

With atmydesk, I was able to quickly connect with my colleagues without feeling like I was bothering them. I was getting so many pings, and meetings, and emails before, but atmydesk helped consolidate those disruptions. Since working remote, I've wanted to see and hear from my coworkers like I used to in the office and atmydesk helps provide that. Atmydesk makes me excited for work in the morning.

Don't overcomplicate it

We are not trying to be your video replacement. Remote companies current work-from-home toolbelt already include video, calendars, and a messaging tool like Slack or Zoom. The gap between these steril ways of communication is where atmydesk fits in. We want to create a work-from-home environment where teams can have personal connection again, while offering a tool to make those quick 5-10min syncs or catch-ups easy and non-disruptive.


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