About Us

Our history

The founders have been close friends for quite some time. We have computer science, applied mathematics, finance and CIS degrees and have been working in the SaaS industry for 10+ years.

Why we started

Remote work is... not great. Sure, it can be productive and we enjoy the flexibility of WFH, but we've also found it to lack a lot of what made in-person work so valuable, people. Quick communication like swinging by someone's desk, jumping into a convo in the hall, or walking into someones office for a quick question have been replaced with pings and way too many meetings. Zoom, Slack, Outlook, repeat.

We make connecting easy and non-disruptive. We create a space for people to collaborate and communicate on a human level with a simple tool that integrates with your workflow. It's a new way of going about your day, but you will find it frees up your time while also allowing for more personal collaboration.

How did we get here

When atmydesk was formed we knew it had to be a seamless experience, not just another tool. That's why atmydesk is managed through your work calendar and it requires no custom integrations. It's lightweight and doesn't get in the way of you getting stuff done.

I know what you're thinking

Isn't this just Zoom. Can't I just do this with my calendar? Sure, but with a lot more hoops to jump through. Atmydesk is purpose built to accommadate a shift in how your teams connect. Your current calendar is "defensive" and filled with clutter. Atmydesk helps to promote a new policy where your offering your own time.

How to introduce atmydesk to your team?

1 It's like office hours, but for everyone - Encourage folks to book time in atmydesk so that others know when they are free to collaborate. This naturally creates an atmosphere of meeting synchronously and non-disruptively.

2 Encourage folks to socialize - If someone is available on atmydesk, that means they are free to chat or sync. Instead of a cold ping, have a lively and quick conversation to catch up or run through an issue that needs solving.

3 Book an hour or two a day on atmydesk - When your team or company shifts their mindset to offering time for collaboration, you will see benefits in the form of less disruption and an overall better employee experience.